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Here's what others remember about Velvet Freeze

I worked there part time in 1953. Had a supervisor named Mr. Blue. He taught all about how to scoop & serve the ice cream so there were no ice lumps etc.The place was packed all the time. It was on Grand & Wilmington. We were allowed to have one treat per shift. Mine was always a chocolate malt. I still love chocolate malts with all my heart today. They don’t taste quite the same as Velvet Freeze, they were the best.

-Mary M.

We went to the Velvet Freeze that was in the little plaza next to UMB. I remember getting very excited when I saw the name tag pinned to the blouse of the lady working in there. Her name was Charlyn, the exact same spelling as mine. Growing up, I never saw anything with my name on it until that day. She didn't believe me when I told her that was my name. I had to go out to the car and have mom come in and confirm it. She told us her Dad's name was Charles and her mom's name was Evelyn - they took the first part of her dad's name and the last part of her mom's name. 

- Charlyn M.

My dad would always take me to Velvet Freeze to celebrate me getting As on my report card. He used to let me get a cone for every A, but had to start limiting me to one cone per report card. :) On one visit, I asked for "vanilla with brown things in it". He had no idea what I was talking about. So, for weeks he took me to try all the various flavors - vanilla with pecans, cashews, almonds, caramel, even bubble gum, etc. But, alas, the mystery could not be solved until...I had Chocolate Chip! My father has since passed, but remembering our trips to Velvet Freeze always bring sweet, special memories. These times with my dad are super special to me, as was Velvet Freeze.

- Karen C.

When I was pregnant with my first child I ate a quart of hand packed Velvet Freeze banana ice cream every day! I didn't drink milk so I needed my calcium! The dr said ok but the pounds you put on are not my fault! Fooled him - gained 14 pounds and the baby weighed 7 pounds! Stayed in hospital 5 days and lost 20 pounds! Oh my was it good and now I can't find banana ice cream unless we make it ourselves. 

- Rita T. 

When Velvet Freeze in Webster closed after maaaaany years, the space was taken over by Webster Records, which moved across the street from its W. Lockwood home, also of maaaany years.

- Dick W.

When I worked at a bank in Kirkwood in the 70's, I would walk down to the Velvet Freeze on my dinner break on Fridays and get a banana split. 

- Gay M.

I loved going to Velvet Freeze! Loved their Double Chocolate and the seasonal Chississippi ice cream.

- Bob T.

I worked at the Velvet Freeze on Concord Village Ave which is now Concord Grill in the 70s. It was a great job and we even had to belong to a union and pay dues. Ice cream was soo delicious, especially the swiss chocolate. 

- Chris S.

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