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Director’s Notes

Personal note from the Director: Making a documentary like this is a labor of love. I grew up in St. Louis and Velvet Freeze touched my family’s life in a way that affected all of us so positively. I am personally donating my creative time and the cost of renting a camera for 6 days; all in all approximately $9,000. But that’s only a drop in the bucket of the cost of producing a documentary like this. Sure – I wish a local TV station would step up to the plate and help pay to produce this. But we explored that option, and I can tell you the national companies that own the local St. Louis TV stations are not at all interested in producing a feel-good story about this legendary institution. You see, there’s only one Velvet Freeze store left, and it struggles to keep its doors open in Ferguson MO. So there’s not many chances of sponsorship, and consequently no help from the local TV stations. But there IS crowdfunding, and that’s what we’re hoping will fund the cost of producing this documentary. It’s expensive – even with the camera being paid for by me, each day for a professional film crew still costs $4,000, and we have 6 days of shooting, or $24,000. Then there’s the cost of building sets to simulate the old stores, the costs of logging hundreds of hours of interviews ad going through those interviews to select the best comments, the cost of video editing, special effects, audio editing, original music, mastering, creating subtitles, etc. etc. etc. This is my first experience in producing any television or film with crowdfunding. It’s our story, and paid for by us. I hope you will take part in this documentary so the story of Velvet Freeze in St. Louis can be told for the very first time.




Joe Mason


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