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Help Tell the Sweetest Story of our Youth

From an extra-delicious ice cream flavor in 1935 to the largest ice cream chain in St. Louis, this is the story of our youth, the story of Velvet Freeze. The people who have first-hand knowledge of the Velvet Freeze origins are literally dying; help us capture their knowledge and stories now for this wonderful documentary that will air nationally on Amazon Prime Video. We are also looking for people who loved Velvet Freeze to be featured in this documentary. We need your knowledge. We need your stories. We need your support.

The Velvet Freeze Story...
How Sweet It Was!

The story of Velvet Freeze has touched nearly every St. Louisan from 1935 through today. From childhood cones to first dates, Velvet Freeze has been there for the little moments and the big ones. Watch the official trailer for the documentary here!

Cone or Cup?

Stories of people who have visited Velvet Freeze over the years

Mary M.

I worked there part time in 1953. Had a supervisor named Mr. Blue. He taught all about how to scoop & serve the...

Category: Stories

Karen C.

My dad would always take me to Velvet Freeze to celebrate me getting As on my report card. He used to let me get a...

Category: Stories

Dick W.

When Velvet Freeze in Webster closed after maaaaany years, the space was taken over by Webster Records, which moved...

Category: Stories

Bob T.

I loved going to Velvet Freeze! Loved their Double Chocolate and the seasonal Chississippi ice cream. - Bob T.

Category: Stories

Share YOUR Story

Do you have a favorite Velvet Freeze memory you'd like to share? Submit your story and you could be featured in the documentary!
Note: All submissions become property of the documentary producer, and by submitting, you agree to have your story reviewed for possible inclusion in the forthcoming documentary. The authors of stories selected by the Producers will be contacted to arrange interviews. But an interview is no guarantee the story will be included in the final cut of the documentary.

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